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Multiyear Partnerships
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PGI maintains ongoing relationship with selected public organizations through fellowships multiyear agreements and other arrangements.

Partnership arrangements are tailored to the interest of the host organization. Multiyear agreements allow for deeper relationship and to oversee changes over an extended period.

Organizational capacity building consists of multi-year relationship between PGI and a public organization. The focus on this partnership is tailored according to the organization’s needs. PGI’s main focus is to build the adaptive capacity of the organization to invent solutions to the complex and intractable problems they are facing.


It may include:

  • Roundtable discussion providing a safe space for unconstrained discussion among public sector leaders.
  • In camera sessions on hot topics of mutual interest
  • Shared research and workshops on topics of mutual interest
  • Etc.

The initial New Synthesis journey started with 6 country partners, and the network has been expanding since.

The following is a list of selected documents generated in the context of multiyear partnerships:

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