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The way we work
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We blend new academic findings and insights from practice to explore new ways of addressing the complex challenges that governments are facing in practice:


  • Our research is grounded in practice. We explore new ways of building the capacity of government to adapt to fast changing needs and circumstances.
  • We conduct literature reviews to identify ideas from a diversity of disciplines with potential for practitioners.
  • We undertake original research in co-operation with country partners to explore the new frontiers of public administration.

Action Learning

  • We capture and disseminate the lessons learned by practitioners around the world leading ambitious public sector transformation. The learning is in the doing.
  • We connect practitioners and thought leaders to speed up their discovery process and improve the likelihood of success of public interventions.

Building Capacity

  • We provide practical advice to build the public sector capabilities to invent solutions and lead public transformations.
  • We facilitate tailor made workshops for public sector leaders, designed specifically around the challenges of interest to the host organization.

We disseminate our work through:

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